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Rider Insurance is a specialist insurance service for adult riders whether it be for everyday cycling, motorbike commuting, bicycle road racing, track racing, mountain biking, bmx racing, triathlons, motorbike trail riding, motocross, motorbike commuting and horse riding. The insurance policies that we can offer may cover you for sickness and accident including whilst participating in your chosen past-time.


The insurance policies that we co-ordinate for our clients are all individually assessed by an insurance underwriter, meaning that your individual circumstances are taken into consideration prior to a policy being accepted. The insurance premiums will vary based on your age, occupation, income, pre-existing medical conditions, smoking status and the pastimes  that you participate in. Regardless we make it our job to recommend our clients an appropriate insurance policy based on their personal and unique needs. There is nothing more important to us than allowing our clients to play and do the things they enjoy with peace of mind knowing that in the event of an accident, injury or death our clients and their families are financially protected.


Because cycling, motorcycling and horse riding are all pastimes that have been identified as ones that have a high risk of accident and injury, it becomes critical that if involved in any of these sports, appropriate insurance policies are in place. A number of insurance policies in the marketplace do not provide full coverage of these past times especially when you are involved in competitions, which leaves you without proper financial protection at the time you most need it.


Many riding and cycling enthusiasts don’t have a second thought of insuring their bicycles, motorbikes, horses and of course their cars and homes, yet they fail to insure the most important thing themselves.We welcome you to call us for a free quote our alternatively complete the online quote form and we will contact you shortly to discuss your options and the cost of an appropriate policy.


Don’t be fooled by the ease of some direct insurance policy offerings, in many cases they may not be appropriate because of your pastime.


We have a range of insurers to select from with our focus being on customizing your insurance policy to your personal needs and getting the coverage you deserve with value for money. Because we are qualified financial planners we can sometimes structure insurance policies within certain superannuation accounts, freeing up cash flow and in many instances saving you money on existing policies.



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