Bauer's Organic Farm

Supplies NOW Fresh with: carrots, potatoes, broccoli, celery, sweet corn, lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, bans, pumpkins and melons.

The Bauer family farm is situated in the heart of the Lockyer Valley, it is one of the top ten most fertile farming areas in the world. The farm draws its water from a crystal clear underground supply fed by Blackfellow Creek. The Bauer family has farmed here since Rob’s great-grandfather took up a ’selection’ in 1885. This 363 hectare property, made up of 5 mostly-adjoining farms, grows a wide range of vegetables and is Queensland’s largest producer of certified organic veggies.

The farm is owned and managed by Rob Bauer and his son Anthony. Rob is one of the pioneers of the certified organic industry, choosing to grow produce in harmony with nature since the early 1980s. The farm is certified through the Australian Certified Organic system.

The beautiful rich soil of the Lockyer Valley is great for growing potatoes and a wide variety of other crops. The Bauer’s bring us the best organic produce for as long as possible throughout the year. We are very pleased to work with Farmers who think as we do and sell locally as much as possible to reduce food miles.