Organigrow - Certified Organic Free Range Eggs

These chickens graze beneath existing fruit and cabinet timber trees, which in turn shade and shelters the chickens. The manure from the chickens, rapidly buried by dung beetles, enriches the soil and in turn increases pasture and crop growth, feeds the trees and increases their growth. When crops are grown, the hens are allowed to graze the pasture, they weed off the cropping area entirely! Therefore minimal or zero till cultivation is used to establish the crop in the prepared soil.

Why buy Organigrow Certified Organic Free Range Eggs?

• Organigrow strives to exceed the ACO standards by improving the welfare of their hens and are Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

• Hens are fed Certified Organic Vegetarian feed. Often other free range organic eggs are fed meat meal from non organic sources.

• Eggs and hens are Free from Hormones,Chemicals, Antibiotics and GMO's. You can be assured of this because Organigrow are fully certified organic and raise the chicks from day old.

• Hens are Free Range all day, Free to Roam large organic pastures with lots of lush herbs and grass.

• Pasture fed eggs (like Organigrow eggs !) may contain more goodness than non pasture fed eggs. See study on pasture fed hens on the Organigrow website. Carbon Neutral- all greenhouse gases produced are offset by plantations of tall rainforest trees on the farm.

• Organigrow is an Australian family owned and run small farm. Three generations of our family work, play and live on the farm. They also provide new jobs and traineeships for members of local community.

Organigrow is set on 70 acres of prime agricultural land at Gundurimba, located about 7kms from the Lismore CBD. Known for it’s lush fertile region, the farm abounds with animals such as echidnas, koalas and swamp wallabies who happily share their land with chickens and other organic crops. There is also an abundance of birdlife, with finches and wrens enjoying the cover of thick bushes and undergrowth The farm is a certified organic farm, also producing mixed fruit and vegetables.

The farm is owned by two generations of the Cripps Clark family, with three generations living and working there. Simon Cripps Clark (owner/ manager), holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree.

This family loves the land, their aim as farmers has always, and will always be, to work with the land and be organic in every sense of the word extended to every aspect of the farm life and production. Hens are respect, given conditions which they love, with access to a diverse and interesting environment, free from predators and with plenty of ‘green peck’ in an idyllic foraging environment.

Italian Sheepdogs, Maremma’s protect the hens from potential preditors. These dogs are pure breeds that are specially bred for watching and protecting stock. It is an amazing relationship these dogs and hens have. The dogs watch and protect the hens, whilst the hens will groom seeds and burs out of the dog's coats.