Googa Organic Farms

Supply NOW Fresh with Avocados and Snow Peas.

Googa Farms is situated in the beautiful Googa region just out of Blackbutt, 150 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, on rich red basalt soil up to 20 metres deep. The 200-hectare farm consists of 7000 bearing avocado trees with the rest being for broad-acre and vegetable farming.

Avocados – about 50,000 trays a year – are the farm’s core product. Other produce over the years has included snow-peas, soybeans, peanuts, cereal crops, corn, zucchinis, beans and potatoes and chokos.

The property is run by the Beutels and they converted the farm to organic eight years ago. The reason, says Anthony Beutel, is that “organic farming is common sense. It’s healthy for us, our employees, consumers and the soil.

“With organic farming you are working with nature to achieve maximum nutrition in the soil, which naturally protects the plants from pests and disease. With conventional farming you are working against nature, thus creating more work and problems in the long run.”

“Herbicides and pesticides hinder the plant’s growth and then fertiliser is needed to help the plant to grow again. The inputs are poisonous to the soil and our health are an added expense to production.”

“Organic farming takes no short cuts to deal with pests and weeds and can be more labour intensive and expensive in the beginning,” says Anthony. “However, the effort is well worth it in the end.”

The avocados produced at Googa Farms are testament that using mulch and organic farming practices give superior results. Fewer inputs are used, the soil is healthier and the trees are expected to last up to 30 years, a third longer than many conventionally grown trees.