Black Crow Organic Farm

Supply NOW Fresh with: Sebago, Desiree, Kipfler, Atlantic and Nicola Potatoes. Butternut and Kent Special pumpkins, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, capsicum, watermelon (seeded and seedless), rock melon and they are currently trialling eggplant.

Tammy and Dave Litzow of Black Crow Organics have owned their farm at Tenthill near Gatton for around 13 years. This is a family farm with their kids helping out at times. The thing that stands out to me every time I visit this farm is how clean and tidy it is, Tammy is a driving force on the farm. There are two permanent team members with more over the busiest picking season.

Black Crow is a certified organic farm producing only certified organic produce. Tammy and Dave believe that organic food is healthier, their daughter born 3 months premature instigated their total change from conventional to organic growing. The arrival of their daughter made them realise the need to ensure that no chemicals or fertilisers would ever interfere with their family’s health again. The farm became certified organic about 5 years ago and it has been transformed. As well as the quality of the produce, you can see this from the size of the worms (Some measuring over 30cm long) and the quantity of healthy, green frogs living happily among the crops.