About N.O.W. Fresh

Fortunately within two hours of the Gold Coast are some of the richest farming soils in the world and it is due to these small farmers and their dedication to the best possible farming practices that the produce is superior. Dealing with the small farmer is incredibly satisfying, delicious dutch cream potatoes from the rich soils of the Lockyer Valley, Australian garlic from the Nymboida Valley and seasonally you may find produce that just isn’t available anywhere else. Strange and exotic fruits from a boutique orchid in the Tallebudgera Valley ie Jabotacabba (or Brazilian cherry), yellow Kiwi Fruit from Springbok and the most delicious and freshest sunflower sprouts ever from our mates at Summit Organics. Due to love and care taken first by the farmer then by the team at NOW Fresh, we make sure produce gets to you at it’s premium freshness. The relationships developed with our local farmers and family connections spanning over 30 years with some great producers further afield like the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and northern Queensland ensure this care is taken at every stage, every week.

While we are completely passionate about certified organic food, we also understand that at certain times of year, some of it may be out of the range of some budgets. This is the reason we choose to stock farm fresh, conventional produce as well as certified organic produce. We have developed a range that works for both the strictly organic buyer and those who don’t have a preference. We keep a wide variety of good fresh produce that is clearly marked, in fact it’s colour coded so you know exactly what you are purchasing. The green price tickets are either Certified Organic or from a local gardener (also indicated on the sign). The Orange Price tickets is guaranteed farm fresh produce.

Our team are very familiar with the produce and can guide you with what is in season and how you can store produce so you have no wastage. Our produce lasts all week and you only need to buy what you will use eliminating valuable time shopping every few days and throwing out unused fruit and vegetables. Hundreds of people have benefited from our tips on storing produce. When you know how to store, you may see the value in buying ie. 2kg of organic carrots for only $4 rather than a kg of conventional for $2.50 or loose organic baby spinach for roughly the same price as conventional in a bag.

As the demand swings towards better health, more cooking at home and a greater demand for good produce, the demand for organic food is making it more affordable.

Our produce tends to run down towards the end of the day as it is our policy not to store highly perishable produce. It is our customer at the end of the weekend markets, to give excess produce to either our local volunteer fire brigade or it is donated to Oz Harvest who then distribute to charity organisations who prepare meals for the underprivileged.

More on Organic Farming:

Farming in a way this is in harmony with nature is common sense, it is just old fashioned farming. Working with nature to achieve mineral rich soil, cultivating strong plants is protecting them from pests and disease and providing nutritious, vital plants.

An organic farm will often use a patch of land once per year for a saleable crop. They will then grow a legume crop which will be turned back into the soil to provide nitrogen to the soil for the next season’s crop. Healthy soil provides a rich and nutritious environment for healthy crops.

With conventional farming methods land is used over and over, crops are weak and attract pests. Herbicides and pesticides are introduced hindering plant growth, they then require fertiliser to assist plants to produce again. Pests will attack unhealthy crops over strong plants every time.

Organic Farming is healthy for employees and families living and working on the property. Farmers have reported health changes within their own families when they have shifted to organic growing methods. ie Asthma

You feel good eating and providing Organic food to yourself and your family, knowing the food is rich in vitamins and minerals and that there is nothing harmful in the food.

We believe that eating poorly grown food that has harmful residue over time must have long term adverse health effects on the human body. A very important goal for us is to be able to provide 100% affordable Organic Food to the public.

Our Farmers

Truss Tomatoes

“Ahhh...that smell of real tomatoes” is a frequent comment when people come close to NOW Fresh market stands. The smell will remind you of childhood, when tomatoes tasted as they should...like tomatoes.

While we do sell seasonal Certified Organic Tomatoes, we also choose to provide a delicious alternative that we believe is the next, best option for the following reasons. These vine ripened tomatoes are grown in glasshouses, by people who are passionate about good tasting tomatoes.

• Glasshouse tomatoes use 80% less fertiliser than conventional field tomatoes.
• They are grown in naturally occurring, recyclable peat moss or coco fibre, under sunlight.
• The tomatoes are fed mountain spring water and rainwater and use 90% less water than field tomatoes.
• Natural predators are employed to control pests which means 95% less pesticides than field tomatoes are used.
• Harvested when they are ripe, our tomatoes have never been refrigerated. Tomatoes stored below 12 degrees lose their flavour as these temperatures damages the flesh of the tomato. Some of you know not to store your tomatoes in the refrigerator however, the damage is done if they have already been refrigerated before you purchase them. The result is flavourless.

A question we are asked often is if our tomatoes are low acid. Studies have shown there is very little difference between acidity in different varieties of tomatoes. The best way to reduce acidity is to let the tomato ripen naturally which is exactly how our tomatoes are produced.

We are confident you will enjoy both the large truss and our deliciously sweet smaller truss tomatoes.