Thank you Community:

Our customer feedback and support is one of the best parts of this job. It is through the weekly support of our community that our market can not only contifue but expand and flourish.  Our mutual support and enthusiasm for fresh produce, small producers, local business and local jobs is what keeps the wheels turning.  

Good, clean wholesome food should be as normal as eating itself and available to us all both now and into the future. This can only be achieved through small sustainable farming practices and small family run businesses. Food production and distribution should not be large scale and complicated, small family owned farms are not only better for our environment, it is sustainable and provides far greater food security.

Farmers Markets and small locally owned businesses are increasingly becoming a destination for many families. Dealing with people who care about their business and care about you, their customers and forming long lasting relationships are what makes community.  Make a day of it, meet up with friends or make new ones, you’ll get to know the shoppers who come week after week and may form some long lasting friendships.  The power of community can't be underestimated, anyone over 30 knows exactly what it means to have that nostalgic feeling about the local cormer store or butcher or if you're older, it might be the milkman.


Your Comments:

“I swear I spend less money each week on food buying organic produce at my local market.” - Anita

This customer has a husband and three grown boys. She is confident that by not going into the supermarket as frequently she spends less money. She explained that she would often pick up things she didn’t need. Anita is happier providing fresh and nutritious food for her family and at the same time she saves money.